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McKinsey publishes Women in the Workplace report – Where are we now?

McKinsey publishes Women in the Workplace report – Where are we now?

Business intelligence agency McKinsey has published its fifth annual data-driven report on the progress of women within the corporate workplace. Collating data from more than 600 businesses, more than 250,000 people took part in the study.

The research highlights a number of key areas where women in business have progressed towards a more equal footing to their male counterparts, but also identifies areas where change has been slow or stagnant. To read the report in full, click here.

The statistics show a marked improvement in areas such as corporate commitment to gender diversity, sponsorship of women in development and encouragingly, a marked rise in female representation within executive level management roles. While still under-represented across the board, the positive progress in these areas demonstrates movement in a positive direction. The study notes that despite this positive step in the right direction, one of the main obstacles that persists is the ‘broken rung’, the initial step into a management role.

The statistics highlight a number of areas in which corporate progress has been disappointing, including female POC representation at each stage of business, the volume of microaggressions towards women in the corporate world and representation of women in lower-mid management roles. The report also highlights five recommended steps that businesses can action today in order to fix the ‘broken rung’.

Perhaps the most encouraging finding is the overall commitment to gender diversity within corporate hiring and development practices. In 2012, 56% of businesses polled stated that diversity was an area of focus within their company’s HR strategy. In the updated report, that figure today stands at 87%.

What will be most telling over the coming years is how these businesses turn their growing commitment to representation into action, in order to maintain the upward trend of women achieving their full potential within the business environment.

To read more about the report and its findings, click here.