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Be it finance or politics, it’s high time we sent more women in to do a ‘man’s’ job

Be it finance or politics, it’s high time we sent more women in to do a ‘man’s’ job

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From diverse sectors such as finance and politics, to engineering, construction, the arts and beyond; our unconscious bias tends to assign gender to certain roles and industries. Consider how often we still hear that certain positions are ‘a man’s job’ or ‘a woman’s job’ and we see that despite significant progress in terms of employment equality, many roles are still inherently seen as gendered.

In The Sunday Times, journalist, author and broadcast personality, Rod Liddle, has explored the reality of unconscious bias in an article that questions whether it’s time more women are promoted typically ‘male’ roles – and why. Read on to find out more.

“Welsh entrepreneur Anne Boden, who set up one of Britain’s first independent banks, believes that women are naturally better bankers than men. The resultant harrumphing from within this male-dominated sector was perhaps less clamorous than usual because Boden’s comments were reported on the day the Bank of England, which is definitely run by a bloke, admitted it had somehow lost £50bn of notes.”

“Given that trying not to lose vast sums of money is usually an important aspiration when running a bank, MPs expressed their astonishment and disquiet. If that £50bn were in £5 notes and piled up, it would stretch 800 miles into the sky.”

To read the full article from The Times, follow the link here.